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Front Office: Multi-Tenant. How can tenant users be created?


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  • Tracey Bunyard

    Tenants can be created from a request form via Internal Workflow fulfillment or directly from an external system. The API allows the creation of a tenant, along with initial admin user, or additional users, if required. Integration settings can be set for the tenant via existing methods.

    A new user will automatically be assigned to their tenant, as well as the default cost center and user group. One of two shipped Access Profiles can be assigned to any user: ‘Administrator’ or ‘User’. The Settings and Defaults tabs are available: the fields in the Settings tab are the same as for Service Provider; within the Defaults tab, the Tenant Administrator is only allowed to set default values for request fields pre-determined by the Service Provider, in the Tenant > Fields page. The tenant Administrator can activate users from the User List, as well as setting the Out of Office user or changing the password, in emergency use.

    Please go to Admin > Documents > Multi-Tenant solution guide for more information.



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