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Front Office: Multi-Tenant. Can different tenants see different request fields?


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  • Tracey Bunyard

    Where an end tenant requires changes to a Request Type, for example an additional request field or different fulfilment workflow, a Request Type Variant may be created by the Service Provider. A Request Type (parent) can have one or more Variants (children) created. When an end tenant initiates the request type, the appropriate variant will be loaded instead of the standard (parent) request type. Variants are found in a new tab in Request Type details screen, accessed via Request & Approval > Request Type.

    On creating a variant, a description must be entered to help identify the variant but the request type name will be inherited, non-editable, from the parent; if it is an item request type, any associated bundles are also inherited and cannot be changed. All details from the parent request type are copied, excluding the approval matrix. One or more end tenants may be assigned to a variant, via the Tenant tab.

    Linkage to a Service or Bundle is always via the parent request type; the only exception is when creating a new approval matrix record direct from the Admin Menu, when variants can be selected: the Description is available via a tooltip. When the tenant end user selects a service or request type from the catalog, the variant will be loaded into their cart.

    During configuration of the variant, even though it might be linked to a subset of tenants, any user or user group pickers, e.g. in the Approval Matrix, Task assignment or SLA, are unfiltered by tenant, so selections should be made carefully.

    Please go to Admin > Documents > Multi-Tenant solution guide for more information. 


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