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Front Office: Multi-Tenant. Can what the tenants see be changed?


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  • Tracey Bunyard

    Yes. The tenant’s theme can be edited via the Theme tab. There is a rich text editor panel which can override the default Service Catalog welcome message with appropriate information for the tenant. Additional cost centers can be created for the end tenant. Extra contact information for the tenant can be entered.

    The following access rights MUST not be associated with the Tenant access profiles, as the tenant would be able to access cross-tenant data: Supervisor Privileges, View All Cost Centers, Assign Inbox Tasks to others, Request Fulfillment Administrator, View Request Summary Fulfillment Activity Details, View Cost Centers outside own Division, Receipt All Requests and Receipting Administrator.

    The following access rights should only be associated with the Tenant access profiles where the necessary filters have been applied: Access Business Forms via full catalog view, Access Bundles via full catalog view, Access Suppliers via full catalog view and View Reports Library.

    Please go to Admin > Documents > Multi-Tenant solution guide for more information. 


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