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Front Office: Multi-Tenant. What data gets created when I add a new Tenant User?


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  • Tracey Bunyard

    When you create a user for your tenant, the user is automatically associated to that tenant’s default cost center and User Group.

    The Divisions tab is purely for information, as an end tenant can only support a single division, which is automatically created and assigned via the cost center. Your new user can be assigned to other user groups via the Groups tab, although care should be taken as the Groups picker is unfiltered and displays all available groups.

    The Defaults tab allows any request fields that have previously been associated to any end tenant, in the Tenant > Fields tab, to be selected and a relevant default value entered. Setting default values ensure a simplified request form completion process.

    New users can be imported using the Users Master Data file or via Active Directory. The Cost center of the user determines the association to the tenant, therefore the assigned Cost center must be appropriate.

    When you create a user you must associate it to a tenant (its parent). Once this association is created it cannot be changed. Please note a user with no association to a tenant is the equivalent to a Service Provider user.

    Please go to Admin > Documents > Multi-Tenant solution guide for more information. 


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