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DelaRue - Adding Basket detail lines to emails


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  • Casper Creedy

    Navigate to Admin -> Email & Template -> XSLT Library, Click New, enter the name Bundle and description (if you wish). Into the XSLT field copy the contents of the attached file bundles-xslt.txt. Click OK.

    Repeat the above again, this time entering the name Item and copying the contents of the Item file attached.

    Now navigate to Request Type and open the required request type, select the fulfilment tab and edit the email task that you wish to add the items to. Place the cursor in the spot you want the items to appear and click on the last icon the toolbar (insert template). In the XSLT drop down select bundle and click insert and then item and click insert. Click close, OK, save, OK.

    The items should now appear in the email, if requested as a bundle they will be grouped as a bundle.


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