Integrating with Front Office – An Overview

Integration with other systems is a frequent requirement given the role and function of the Biomni Front Office solution.  Front Office has been designed to provide an open web-service oriented architecture and use XML as well as other standard file formats for messaging.  In addition to this Biomni also provides out-of-the-box connectivity (via commercially supported adaptors) for a wide-range of service management and other back-office platforms.

This document provides an overview of how Biomni approaches integration: detailing the options available; outlining the integration methodology that is utilized; describing the existing application interfaces into and out of the Biomni applications, and; talking through existing integration adapters that have been designed and implemented for reuse.

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    Navneet Kaur


    I thought Frontoffice has a Adapeter for ServiceDesk which allows the viewing of ServiceDesk tickets in FrontOffice v7.2.

    Do I need to install something in order to see the tickets?

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    Neil Reynolds

    Hi Navneet,

    You can download the adapter (with documentation) from this page in the community site:

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    In the doc of Integrating With Front Office - An Overview.pdf  --> 4.1.1 Front Office for Symantec address that Incident, Problem or Change ticket submission into the Service Desk.

    Besides tickets submission, does technical can work incident, problem or change through the Biomni as well? especially the change ticket.


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